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Weber® Original Kettle™ Charcoal Grill - 22 Inch

Part No. 22401.3101 | Weber® Part No. 741001
This product is no longer available for sale.

Every griller knows the iconic Weber kettle shape. The classic American charcoal grill, the Weber Kettle Grill is a fixture on decks and patios around the world. The Weber Original Kettle 22’s dome design provides great heat retention and circulation, ensuring even cooking temperatures and delicious charcoal flavor.

  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid.
  • Durable plated steel cooking grates provide years of grilling enjoyment.
  • Quickly remove ash with the One-Touch™ cleaning system.
  • Rust-proof aluminum vents, heavy-duty fiberglass-lined nylon handles, and all-weather, crack-proof wheels can withstand weather.
  • The 22 inch cooking grate offers 363 square inches of cooking space.

Don't forget to purchase a grill cover to keep your Weber charcoal grill looking as good as new. We also carry a variety of Weber accessories that make charcoal grilling more enjoyable, such as Charcoal Chimneys, Hardwood Charcoal, and Wood Chips and Chunks to add extra flavor to your foods.



Weber® Original Kettle Expert Review

For 60 years the Weber Original Kettle has been an American standard, in part because it’s the everyman’s grill. If you ask me, it’s the most accessible grill around. Whether you’re talking about the 18 inch or 22 inch, in black, green or copper, the Weber Kettle is an American classic that cooks great, is easy-to-use, and is incredibly affordable.

Reasons to Buy

My best friend has been the same steady, reliable guy forever. He hasn’t changed a bit. Day in and day out, for twenty years, I’ve known I can count on him. Everyone has that type of friend, the type whose strength is their enduring consistency. In the world of grills, the Weber Kettle Grill is that friend. With the exception of a few minor changes, it has remained the same since the 1950’s, and remained wildly popular in the face of new technology and trends. For me, that type of continuity speaks volumes about the greatness of the Weber Kettle.

Sometimes, simplicity is perfection...or darn close to it. The Weber Original Kettle is a prime example. I could make the argument that a gas grill is easier to use than a Kettle, but there’s no comparison in terms of simplicity. Whether you’re talking about putting it together or maintaining it, the Weber Kettle Grill’s barebones construction is its strength. You can count the number of essential parts on one hand, which means there are very few pieces that will wear down, break, or need replacing.

Simple and affordable don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, but having fewer frills often produces a lower price point. That’s certainly the case with the Weber Original Kettle and, for me anyway, it’s the Kettle’s biggest selling point. It democratizes grilling. Think about it: for less than $100 anyone can have a great grill. Inexpensive, it’s the first grill many people get when they come of age. A quality grill, it’s one they continue to use long after mastering the coals. In fact, there are just as many pros using kettles as beginners.

Reasons to Keep Shopping

While the bare bones simplicity of the Original Kettle will be attractive for some grillers, it may be a little short on convenience features for others. For them, I recommend the Weber Original Kettle Premium 22, which is essentially the same grill but includes hinged grates, a lid mounted thermometer, and a removable ash catcher. For more cooking room, step up to the Weber Original Kettle Premium 26, which adds even more more to go along with a larger grill grate.

  • Cooking Area:
  • Ease of Use:
  • Warranty:
  • Included Accessories:
  • Grilling:
  • Smoking:
  • Durability:
  • Mobility:
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Configuration: Freestanding
  • Primary Cooking Grid Width: 22in.
  • Primary Cooking Grid Depth: 22in
  • Primary Cooking Grid Size: 363 Sq. Inches
  • Overall Cooking Grid Size: 363Sq. Inches
  • Cooking Grid Material: Plated Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Exterior Material: Porcelain Enameled
  • Overall Height: 40in.
  • Overall Width: 25in.
  • Overall Depth: 23in.
  • Ease of Use: 3
1 Grill bowl and lid assembly
1 One-Touch cleaning system
1 22.5 Inch plated steel cooking grate
1 Charcoal grate
1 Leg and wheel assembly kit
1 Handle assembly kit
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