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Looftlighter® Electric Charcoal Starter

Part No. 33516.0001 | Looftlighter® Part No. LL2005
This product is no longer available for sale.

Lighting charcoal has never been faster or easier! With the Looftlighter, starting charcoal is as easy as pushing a button! Be up and cooking in minutes, no foul-tasting lighter fluid necessary. Just touch the Looftlighter to a pile of charcoal and pull the trigger. When the charcoal starts sparking, pull the Looftlighter back 2 inches and continue to point it at the charcoal. The Looftlighter's revolutionary 1250°F air stream will quickly stoke and grow the fire. In 60 seconds, your charcoal will be ready to use.

  • Uses 110V AC power.
  • Portable and easy-to-use, the Looftlighter can be used wherever you have access to electricity.
  • Safe to use, the Looftlighter has no direct flame and a cools down quickly.
  • The integrated bottle opener makes life even easier.
  • BBQ Bob

    BBQ Bob

    Looftlighter Expert Review

    I’m impatient. I watch pots until they boil. I open my grill way too much. And I absolutely hate standing around waiting 20 minutes for my charcoal to be ready. Thankfully, there’s the Looftlighter, which lights charcoal in minutes without ruining food with a chemical taste.

    Reasons to Buy

    Traditionally, cooking with charcoal has required patience--it takes time to light the coals and let the fire grow. Unlike the instant gratification of grilling with gas, charcoal can take 20 minutes or more before it’s ready for cooking. And speeding up that process meant using lighter fluid, which leaves a chemical taste on food. That’s why I love the Looftlighter. Not only does it cut down the time it takes to light charcoal, but it does so cleanly. In as little as 1 minute, charcoal ignites, so I’m ready to cook in minutes. Because the Looftlighter is electric, there’s no off-putting chemical taste to ruin my food.

    With the caveat that anytime you’re dealing with fire it’s dangerous, one of my favorite things about the Looftlighter is its safety. It’s electric, so there’s no flammable fluid or accelerant that could pose a potential hazard. There’s also no open flame. The Looftlighter uses an electric heating element and a super-heated airstream to ignite the coals then stoke and grow the fire. As hot as the Looftlighter gets, the aluminum heat shield helps it cool quickly.

    Reasons to Keep Shopping

    While the Looftlighter is compact enough to be taken on-the-go, it requires a 110 volt outlet. That could be problematic while camping, and you may have to run an extension cord in larger yards. For a truly portable lighter that ignites charcoal in minutes, I suggest the Bison Airlighter, which is cordless and equally fast. Also, the Looftighter is more expensive than they typical charcoal starter. If you want a more affordable option, consider using the less expensive Charcoal Companion Electric Starter, or opt for lighter cubes or a chimney starter.

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