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Flame Boss™ 200™ WiFi - Universal

Part No. 37323.0002 | Flame Boss™ Part No. FB200-U
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You don't have to be a 3rd generation, award-winning pitmaster to BBQ like one. A BBQ temperature controller for your smoker, the Flame Boss 200 WiFi - Universal automatically holds the right cooking temperature. It's like cruise control for your smoker! Utilizing advanced algorithms, the Flame Boss 200 continuously measures your smoker's temperature then uses its industry-only variable speed fan to stoke or starve the fire, maintaining the perfect temperature for hours on end. All you have to do is attach the Flame Boss to your smoker, set the desired temperature into the digital controller, and walk away. While you kick back and relax, the Flame Boss will handle the cooking. You can even program it to lower the heat when food is done cooking. Even better, the Flame Boss 200 WiFi allows you to monitor and control smoker and food temperatures from your phone, tablet, or computer. Easy to use, simple to set up, and incredibly precise, the Flame Boss puts other automatic smoker controllers to shame. Learn how Flame Boss compares to BBQ Guru.

  • Precisely control your smoker's temperature with the Flame Boss's self-learning PID controller and industry-only variable speed fan.
  • Enjoy at-a-glance cook data on the easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Keep your cook running smoothly with intelligent features like Open Lid Detection and Power Glitch Safe.
  • Easily connect to WiFi in minutes to set up alerts and alarms, and get great recipes and graphical data from your cooks.
  • Includes digital controller, 15 CFM variable speed blower, food probe, pit probe, and 120v AC power cord.
  • Fits:
    • Weber Smokey Mountain (All Sizes)
    • Char-Griller (offset & barrel)
    • Char-Broil charcoal grills/smokers
    • Most drum/ugly drum smokers
    • Many other charcoal grills and smokers
  • BBQ Bob

    BBQ Bob

    Flame Boss 200 Expert Review

    When the weekend comes, I love to fire up my kamado and BBQ. However, I usually have a bunch of other chores and responsibilities to attend to, making it hard to keep checking on the temperature. Not only does the Flame Boss 200 automatically control the temperature, but it gives me the ability to monitor everything from my phone. So I can check on my pork butt while mowing the lawn.

    Reasons to Buy

    It doesn’t seem possible that you could up the technology on a hi-tech gadget like an automatic temperature controller.But Flame Boss did it, taking automatic temperature control to the next level. While every controller before them used a single-speed fan that was either on or off, the Flame Boss 200 has a variable speed fan that can blow at any strength. That allows it to zero in on the target temperature and maintain it better than just about every other controller available.

    The fan isn’t the only impressive tech in the Flame Boss 200. It’s WiFi enabled, so you can connect to your Flame Boss through your phone or tablet anywhere you have internet access. I can adjust the cooking temperature from the living room on a cold day or check on food at a cookout without leaving my guests.Even more impressive, the Flame Boss 200 is now compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, so you can control it by voice command.

    What really impresses me is that, despite all of its technology, the Flame Boss 200 is incredibly user-friendly. The entire Flame Boss experience was designed with the user in mind. Setup and connecting to WiFi are so intuitive that I barely glanced at the directions.

    Reasons to Keep Shopping

    The Flame Boss 200 WiFi is by far the more popular Flame Boss model. It’s also the most expensive one. If you don’t care about WiFi compatibility, you can save yourself some money with the Flame Boss 100. Also, while most people will be fine with a single pit probe and meat probe, it may not be enough for those who do big cooks.

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