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Bison™ Airlighter

Part No. 39516.0002 | Bison™ Part No. BA001
This product is no longer available for sale.

Love charcoal flavor on the grill, but don't love waiting forever for the charcoal to light? The Bison Airlighter is a seriously fast and effective tool for lighting charcoal. Forget the lighter fluid—it's hazardous and leaves a bad taste on food. Powerful and portable, the Bison Airlighter ignites charcoal as little as 60 seconds! At the touch of a button, a super-hot four-inch flame ignites coals, lighting them in seconds, while a built-in fan quickly stokes and grows the fire. In 1 minute, the fire is at high heat, allowing you to get up and cooking in as little as 5 minutes. Fueled by butane and powered by rechargeable batteries, the Bison Airlighter is incredibly portable and can be taken almost anywhere. Butane fuel available separately.

  • Safely and easily light fires after dark with an integrated LED flashlight.
  • Quickly recharge using any USB port; cable included.
  • Pop the top on a cold one with the built-in bottle opener.
  • Also use the Bison Airlighter to quickly start campfires and fire pits.


Bison Airlighter Expert Review

I get it, BBQ is all about waiting. Patience is a virtue and the payoff is the flavor. The reality, though, is that it’s a go-go world and I hate waiting for my charcoal to light. Fortunately, Bison gets me, and has made the Bison Airlighter, which makes it easy to enjoy charcoal grilling without all the waiting.

Reasons to Buy

1 minute. That sums up its virtues far more succinctly than anything else you’ll read in this review. Using the Bison Airlighter, you can light your charcoal and have your fire at high heat in 1 minute. I’m sold. Actually, the Airlighter’s super-hot four-inch flame ignites the charcoal in seconds then stokes the fire and ignites neighboring coals with its built-in fan. In five minutes, I can have food on grill cooking, compared to the 20 minutes it typically takes.

If you missed it the first time, I’ll say it again: this is a go-go world, which means a lot of life takes place on-the-go. For me, that includes grilling. The Bison Airlighter’s portability allows me to use it almost anywhere. Because the Airlighter is fueled by butane and powered by a rechargeable battery it’s not limited by a cord or cable and doesn’t require an outlet. It can be recharged it from any USB outlet, including a car’s. Whether I’m camping in the mountains or tailgating with friends, I can get grilling fast. There’s even a built-in flashlight, making it easy to build a fire even after dark.

Reasons to Keep Shopping

The Bison Airlighter’s portability has its downside. The power needed to fuel the super-hot flame requires butane that must be regularly refilled, and purchased. It’s also not included with the lighter. If you want a similar lighter that only requires electricity, I suggest the Looftlighter. Also, while the four-inch flame ignites charcoal fast, it also poses safety concerns, especially around young children. Finally, the Bison Airlighter is more expensive than standard charcoal starters. Those looking to keep charcoal grilling affordable might want to consider the Charcoal Companion Electric Starter, lighter cubes or a chimney starter.

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