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Apr 2017

The Fast Eddy's PG500 Could Be the Most Unique Pellet Grill Around

By Bob McCarthy

Every manufacturer claims to be unique, but among its pellet grill peers, the Fast Eddy’s PG500 is unquestionably different. It looks different, cooks different, and has a different design than nearly every other model on the market. At a time when most pellet grills strive to look and cook the same, those differences have made the PG500 popular among BBQ pros and a go-to choice for those well-versed in pellet smokers.

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Feb 2017

First Look: Kamado Joe 2017 Updates

By Bob McCarthy

The first months of the New Year bring a deluge of announcements about new grill releases. Often the hype proves unwarranted, with too many manufacturers touting minor updates to last year’s models. This year, however, there are some highly anticipated releases worthy of your attention. Among them is Kamado Joe, who in February will unveil new versions of their ceramic grills with impressive new features that will set the bar for kamado grills.

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