Upgrade Your Traeger® with Stainless Steel Parts

By Bob McCarthy

Because of its sleek, high-end appearance, people usually think of stainless steel in terms of aesthetics. However, while it’s certainly true that stainless steel pellet grills catch the eye, it’s often the parts people seldom see that benefit the most from stainless steel construction because stainless steel's extreme durability. On a Traeger Grill that includes the fire pot, drip pan and heat diffuser.

To eliminate the need to replace those parts time and again, FireCraft created a line of stainless steel Traeger parts. Non-corrosive and durable, they’re not only a practical upgrade but a good investment that will extend the life of your Traeger, keeping it performing at its peak for years to come.

Reliable Replacement Parts for Older Traeger Grills

Although Traeger Grills have been around for thirty years. That means there’s plenty of time-worn and cook-tested Traeger Grills out in the world. It’s not surprising, then, that we often get calls from customers looking for replacement parts to update their old Traeger or refurbish a recently acquired vintage model. While they sometimes want to upgrade an older controller, more often than not, they need to replace a rusted fire pot, drip pan, heat diffuser, or all of the above.

Like any grill, Traeger Grills have particular parts that require replacement every so often. While the passage of time may be kind to the exterior, which is protected by a high-temp powder coat paint, consistent cooking takes its toll on the guts of the grill. Continually exposed to damaging heat and moisture, the fire pot, drip pan, and heat diffuser on a Traeger (and any non-stainless steel pellet grills) are vulnerable to corrosion and are almost certain to wear out through the course of regular use.

A standard Traeger fire pot will corrode long before the grill itself begins to fail, particularly if you live near water. Even if that rust doesn’t render the grill unusable, it affects performance. To produce consistent cooking temperatures, fire pots are engineered to allow a specific amount of airflow. When the steel corrodes, altering the holes in the fire pot or creating new openings, it increases airflow to the fire, hindering the grill's ability to maintain the desired temperature. Likewise, any perforations or imperfections in the drip pan or heat diffuser may create hot spots that affect cooking.

The good news is that you don't have to buy a new grill; you can easily and affordably replace the corroded parts to get your Traeger cooking like new again.

FireCraft designed stainless steel Traeger parts—a stainless steel fire pot that will fit any Traeger Grill, as well as a stainless steel drip pan and stainless steel heat diffuser that fit the Lil Tex, Lil Tex Elite and Pro Series 22. A durable, high-quality alternative to the standard steel parts, each is made of non-corrosive 304 stainless steel. There’s no better way to prolong the life of your Traeger, keep it performing its best, and prevent the need for future replacements. Whether you just need a single part or want to take advantage of steep savings and upgrade all three as part of the Traeger Stainless Steel Premium Pack, it’s the wisest Traeger modifications you can do.

An Easy Upgrade for New Traeger Grills

Traeger stainless steel parts aren’t just for old Traeger Grills in need of a little TLC and maintenance. They’re also a great upgrade and smart investment on a new Traeger Lil Tex Elite or Pro Series 22. A primary reason we chose to make the FireCraft Pellet-Q450 stainless steel was so that customers wouldn’t ever have to worry about corrosion or replacing rusted parts. It’s also why we suggest investing in stainless steel parts (either individually or with the Traeger Stainless Steel Premium Pack) when you purchase a new Lil Tex or Pro Series 22. Given that you may have to replace the standard steel parts multiple times over the life of your Traeger, it’s an easy upgrade and a small investment that’ll spare you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

FireCraft Stainless Steel Traeger Parts Compatibility

FireCraft's line of stainless steel Traeger parts are not universal and do not fit all Traeger Grills. Below is a list of each part currently offered and the Traeger models it fits:

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