Seared Tuna on the FireCraft Q450

There's no better sound than the sizzle when food hits hot grates, and there's no prettier sight than crosshatched sear marks. It might surprise you, but one of our favorite things to sear is Yellow Fin Tuna. It's both light and satisfying. It's also incredibly flavorful and cooks in minutes.

For this Seared Tuna with Pineapple-Veggie Kabobs video recipe, we used Dizzy Pig Bayou-ish, a blackening seasoning that kicks up the flavor a notch or two. To balance the subtle heat, we paired the tuna with pineapple-veggie skewers, which offer a sweet-and-savory complement to the blackening seasoning.

This recipe was prepared on the FireCraft Pellet-Q450 using the Q450 Sear Station, but it can be adapted to any grill that gets hot enough to sear (500°F+). Get the recipe.