Read the GCG Review of the Pellet-Q450

By Bob McCarthy popular

When we designed the Pellet-Q450, it was to fill a need in the market. There simply weren't many stainless steel pellet grills, and even fewer that came in under $1,500. We envisioned the Q450 as a durable stainless steel pellet grill with all the luxury features of a high-end model—that meant a one-touch controller, precision PID termperature control, a programmable meat probe, and a direct grilling feature. Oh yeah, and it had to cost under $1,000. No doubt about it, it was a lofty vision. But those weren't our only goals. Building a grill is half the challenge; the other half is making one that performs.

Every pellet grill claims to be versatile. However, it wasn't enough to simply say the Q450 can grill, smoke, roast and bake. It needed to do each of those well enough that, if that's all the Q450 could do, people would still be happy with owning one. So, yeah, we wanted the Q450 to turn out delicious BBQ that would impress the hard core low-and-slow fans, and be able to handle a gourmet meal...the most refined foodie could appreciate. Most of all, though, we wanted it to be so easy to use that anyone, whether they're a pitmaster, a gourmet chef, or a backyard beginner, could make perfect wood-fired food every time.

Hopes are good. Aspirations are even better. But, like raising your child, you're never really sure how well you've done until you send it out into the world. That's why we were excited when Girls Can Grill reviewed the Pellet-Q450. GCG ran the Q450 through the grilling gauntlet, testing it's ability to smoke, bake, roast, braise, and sear, cooking up classic BBQ favorites and mouthwatering dishes with a creative flair (not to mention a smoked bacon banana bread that we're still dreaming about).

Read the GCG review and see what's possible with the FireCraft Pellet-Q450.