21 Great BBQ Gifts for the Holidays - 2016

By Bob McCarthy

BBQ isn’t something people usually associate with the holidays. Grills and grilling accessories aren’t the first thing that come to mind when making gift lists. However, as grilling and smoking increasingly become all-season activities, BBQ gifts have become high demand at the holidays.

Gone are the days when grills were put away to hibernate during the winter. Now more than ever, BBQ and grilling are year-round pursuits. With the advent of better grills and smokers that hold their heat in the winter as well as Bluetooth and WiFi thermometers that allow you to monitor your cook without hanging around in the cold, it’s just as easy to grill New Year’s Day as it is the Fourth of July. If you’ve got a BBQ lover or grill master on your Christmas or holiday list, here are 21 gift ideas that are sure to make them happy—and, if by chance they've been bad, there's always charcoal.

Grills and Smokers: The Gift That Keeps Giving (Delicious Food)

PELLET GRILLS - If you haven’t already heard about pellet grills, get ready, because they are blowing up. Already the fastest growing category in BBQ, pellet grills are enjoying a surge of attention thanks to Traeger. The pellet grill originators have been running an infomercial for the Traeger Renegade Elite, bringing tons of attention to the ease and versatility of pellet grills. However, despite its starring role, the Renegade probably isn’t the pellet grill you want. These are our holiday picks.

Traeger Pro Series - The newest and best Traeger Grill, the Pro Series 22 and Pro Series 34 have been featured in some big deals leading up to the holiday season, giving people a chance to get a great deal on the biggest name in pellet grills.

Traeger PTG - If you like the idea of trying a pellet grill, but don’t want to invest a lot of money, the PTG is a good choice. It makes up for it small size with an affordable price tag and on-the-go portability that’s perfect for camping and tailgating.

Louisiana Grills LG700 - With precision PID temperature control, a direct grilling option, included upper rack, and a great everyday price, the Louisiana Grills LG700 perfectly combines performance and value.

FireCraft Pellet-Q450 - There aren’t many stainless steel pellet grills on the market and even fewer that are under $1,000. This is one of them. Durable and well-built, with PID temperature control, a programmable meat probe, and it’s new optional sear station, the Q450 outperforms its price.

CHARCOAL GRILLS & SMOKERS - Charcoal grilling never goes out of style, but with the rising popularity of smoking, it’s enjoying a resurgence. If you know someone who’s looking to get into charcoal or start smoking, you can’t go wrong with these cookers.

Weber Original Kettle - This classic Weber Kettle is still the most popular charcoal grill on the market 60 years after being introduced. There are a lot of reasons to love the Weber Kettle, starting with its affordability, but it’s also pretty versatile—in addition to grilling, many people smoke on their kettle.

Weber Smokey Mountain - The Weber Smokey Mountain has been the first smoker for so many backyard BBQers and pros that it has earned a legendary status. Portable and effective, the WSM performs well enough to be used on the competition circuit, but comes at a fraction of the price of a typical competition smoker.

Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill - For the past few years, the Big Green Egg (and kamado grills in general) has been all the rage. For your money, however, Kamado Joe is the better deal. The Kamado Joe Classic has all the capability of the Big Green Egg, but it includes accessories BGE makes you buy separately.

Cool BBQ Gadgets and Accessories

In pretty much every walk of life—fitness, entertainment, cooking—gadgets and accessories are almost always the best gifts to give at the holidays. They’re fun, interesting, and downright cool. BBQ is no exception. More than just novelties, these products make BBQ and grilling even better.

Flame Boss 300-WiFi - Charcoal grilling and smoking is more popular than ever, in part because products like the Flame Boss have made it easier than ever. The Flame Boss 200-WiFi automatically maintains the temperature of your smoker within a few degrees and can be controlled via WiFi on your phone, tablet, or computer. Even cooler: it’s now compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, so it can be controlled by voice command.

Maverick ET-736 - There are many wireless remote BBQ thermometers out there. Some work by radio frequency. Others use Bluetooth. Both of those options have a fairly limited range...roughly 120-150 feet. However, the new Maverick ET-736 connects through your home WiFi, so you can monitor your grill and food temperatures from anywhere in your house.

iGrill Mini - Like the larger iGrill2, this small Bluetooth thermometer can be used with your phone or tablet to monitor food temperatures, but at just $40, it’s one of the more affordable and reliable remote thermometers.

Smoke EZ - Want to start smoking BBQ and already have a Weber Kettle? There’s no need to buy a second cooker. The Smoke EZ turns your kettle into a smoker, saving you space and money.

Bison Airlighter - For anyone who loves to cook with charcoal, one of the biggest drawbacks is waiting for it to light and be ready to cook, especially in the winter. The Bison Airlighter combines a super-heat flame and a fan to start charcoal in about 1 minute and get you cooking in about 5 minutes. It’s also wireless, so you can take it anywhere.

Ro-Man Pork Puller - Pulling pork by hand can be a chore, especially if you’re doing more than one. Not only is the meat hot, but pulling it can be time-consuming. The Ro-Man Pork Puller gets it done quick and you never touch the pork. Just attach it to a ⅜ inch cordless drill to create your own BBQ power tool.

FireCraft Grill Scraper - This all-natural wood grill scraper perfectly forms to your grates, so you get a custom cleaning every time. With no metal bristles or abrasive surfaces, it’s gentle on your grates and safe to use.

Slot Dog - Unique, fun to say, and under $20, the Slot Dog is a great stocking stuffer or swap gift for that friend or coworker who loves to grill. The Slot Dog quickly and easily creates flavor channels in your hot dog, so it comes off the grill with caramelized grooves that are crispy and tasty.

BBQ Sauces and Rubs Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Every BBQ lover enjoys trying sauces and rubs—heck, it’s like Christmas around here when new samples arrive. Great stocking stuffers or swap gifts, our selection of high-quality sauces and rubs aren’t available in the your local store. If you’re need suggestions ideas, check out our list of the 10 Best BBQ Rubs and 8 Great BBQ Sauces You Absolutely Must Try. Here’s a few others to consider for the holidays:

Blues Hog Gift Set - Beloved by competition BBQrs, Blues Hog makes some of our best selling sauces. This gift set offers the chance to explore 4 Blues Hog BBQ Sauces—Original, Tennessee, Red, Smoky Mountain, and Honey Mustard—as well as the Blues Hog Dry Rub.

Maker's Mark - BBQ and Bourbon go together like peanut butter and jelly and this Maker's Mark BBQ sauce combines the two for a BBQ gift any Bourbon lover can appreciate.

Dizzy Pig Rubs & Seasonings - The kings of creative BBQ, Dizzy Pig makes a number of unique, hand-blended spices that are unlike anything else in BBQ. If you want to give a rub that’s far from the norm and will stir some excitement, Dizzy Pig is the way to go.

BBQ Cookbooks: Give the Gift of Grilling Knowledge

Getting into BBQ is fun, but you’re always looking for tips on how to best set-up your smoker or make the perfect brisket. Even after you’ve nailed down your technique, it’s fun to explore new ways to cook BBQ standards. These cookbooks by some of the biggest names in BBQ offer helpful tips and great recipes.

The BBQ Bible - The title says it all. Renowned BBQ master and television host Steven Raichlen wrote the award winning BBQ Bible 10 years ago and it quickly became the go-to resource for BBQ and grilling. This updated 10th Anniversary Edition contains even more tips, recipes, and a useful FAQ.

Project Smoke - Named for his hit TV show, Steve Raichlen’s Project Smoke is a step-by-step guide to all things smoking, with helpful tips and creative recipes that take backyard smoking beyond traditional BBQ.

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat Smoking Manifesto - For BBQ aficionados, there’s no hotter destination than Franklin Barbecue in Austin, TX. The food and the lines are legendary. Written by owner Aaron Franklin, this book offers tons of great tips on how to cook the Franklin way, as well as recipes for many of their highly sought after standards.