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Pellet Grill Guide

Pellet Grills: A Revolution in Grilling, the Evolution of Easy

Pellet grills have reinvented smoking, combining classic wood-fire cooking with set-it and forget-it technology and making it easy for anyone to enjoy homemade BBQ. There's no hard work and no fuss, just authentic real-wood BBQ cooked in the convenience of your own backyard.

But pellet grills are far more than just updated smokers. Today's pellet grills are efficient do-it-all cookers that offer unparalleled performance and unmatched temperature control. At the touch of a button, they can smoke, sear, roast, and even bake. Incredibly simple to use, they require little effort or attention, so you can spend more time focusing on your friends and family.

"The more you learn about pellet grills, the clearer the pellet grill advantage becomes!"

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Set-it and Forget-it Technology

Pellet Grills (also called pellet smokers) were created as easy-to use backyard cookers that combine the authentic real-wood BBQ flavor of smokers with the convenience of gas grills.

Like traditional wood-and-coal smokers, pellet grills burn wood (in the form of pellets) and impart delicious smoky flavor. However, because they can hold a target temperature on their own, pellet grills make smoking unbelievably easy. Quality pellet grills feature digital control panels that can zero in on a temperature and maintain it for hours. Like a gas grill, you can walk away without worrying about temperature fluctuations. All it takes is the touch of a button. Simply set the temperature and the pellet grill does the rest.

Utilizing advanced sensor technology, today's pellet grills can simultaneously measure the grill's temperature and the temperature of the food it's cooking. Some models come with integrated meat probes that can be programmed with a finish temperature. When the food is done, some models automatically lower their temperature, keeping the food warm without burning it. It doesn't matter how well you can BBQ, the pellet grill does the cooking for you!

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How Pellet Grills Work

Pellet grills are incredibly easy to use and do almost all of the work on their own. Cooking a perfect meal requires just 4 simple steps:

  1. Light the grill and set the cooking temperature on the one-touch control panel. Your part is now done.
  2. The pellet grill calculates how many hardwood pellets are needed to reach the desired temperature. A rotating auger then automatically feeds the pellets to the fire, where a fan stokes the flames and evenly distributes heat throughout the gril
  3. While you enjoy time with friends and family, the pellet grill will continuously measure its temperature and adjust the amount of pellets burned, maintaining the temperature for hours.
  4. Enjoy BBQ perfection while savoring the compliments of family and friends.
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Smoke, Sear, Roast & Bake—Pellet Grills Do it All!

Although pellet grills were initially conceived as an alternative to traditional smokers, they've become so much more. Whereas pellet grills once relied solely on indirect cooking, many of today's advanced models are capable of both indirect convection-style cooking and direct open-flame cooking. These pellet grills can switch between the smoky comfort of low and slow BBQ and the savory perfection of steak sizzling over an intense fire.

It's not just their capacity for open-flame cooking that makes pellet grills do-it-all backyard cookers. Their ability to hold precise low or high temperatures enables pellet grills to roast a turkey or bake a pie just as well as it can smoke ribs or grill a chicken. Want to cook a wood-fired pizza at 500F°? A pellet grill can do it at the touch of a button!

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Wood Smoke, the Soul of BBQ

Wood smoke is the soul of BBQ, and food cooked on pellet grills has authentic wood-smoked flavor. That's because the pellets they burn are real wood. Like chunk wood, pellets are available in everything from hickory, oak, and mesquite to apple, pecan, and cherry, and infuse food with the classic smoky taste BBQ lovers desire. Made from compressed sawdust, pellet grills use food-grade pellets that contain no additives. Because of their size and composition, they also ignite quickly and burn cleanly, producing little ash.

A unique benefit of pellet grills is that the pellets are a sustainable fuel source and a renewable resource. The sawdust used to produce wood pellets comes from sawmills, the construction industry, and furniture manufacturers, as well as tree limbs cut during forest and orchard thinning. Without pellets, that biomass would normally be thrown out.

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History of Pellet Grills

Invented in 1985 by Joe Traeger, pellet grills were first developed as convenient, easy-to-use smokers that burned hardwood pellets. The original Traeger Grill® revolutionized grilling and won over an enthusiastic following. It also inspired competition

In the past decade, a new generation of pellet grills has emerged, evolving from innovative alternatives to wood-and-coal smokers to versatile multipurpose cookers. Utilizing hi-tech sensors and advanced algorithmic technology, today's premium pellet grills are sophisticated appliances. Yet they're so easy to use they can be enjoyed by even the most inexperienced BBQer.

Today there are multiple classes of pellet grills, ranging from entry-level brands to high-end models geared toward the backyard chef. Already the fastest growing category in BBQ, the recent growth of low priced brands sold in big-box stores is introducing pellet grills to an even wider audience. It's a development that ensures the pellet grill market will keep growing and pellet grills will continue to evolve.

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