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Memphis™ Wood Fire Grills Guide

Memphis™ Wood Fire Grills - The Gourmet Pellet Grill

Combining the best elements of grilling, smoking, and convection cooking, Memphis Wood Fire Grills are the intersection of premium gas grills and premiere kitchen ovens. Designed with the backyard chef in mind, Memphis’ line of high-end pellet grills—the Advantage, Pro, and Elite—are ideal for those who appreciate outstanding versatility, precision performance, and superb craftsmanship. Incredibly easy-to-use, they allow anyone to cook like a gourmet.

Smoke, Sear, Grill, Roast—Memphis Wood Fire Grills Do it All…and More

Explore your culinary creativity, expand your outdoor menu. Exceptionally versatile, Memphis Grills can can cook almost anything. Smoke, sear, roast, bake—Memphis Grills do it all, lacing food with a rich, wood fire flavor. Enjoy everything from authentic BBQ and slow-roasted lamb to smoked salmon and fresh-baked bread. Crank up the heat to turn your Memphis Pellet Grill into a wood fire pizza oven or to sear a caramelized crust onto tenderloin. One of the most complete pellet grills around, Memphis Grills are also capable of direct open-flame cooking—the included Direct Flame Insert allows you to grill mouth-watering steaks and burgers over an intense fire. With a Memphis Wood Fire Grill, what you can cook is limited only by your imagination.





Cooking Made Simple with Intelligent Temperature Control™

Intelligent Temperature Control™

Meat Probes

WiFi Control

Anyone can cook gourmet, no Michelin Stars necessary. Incredibly precise and easy-to-use, the Memphis Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) system makes cooking restaurant-quality food as simple as pushing a button. Just load your favorite pellets into the hopper, set the temperature (180℉ - 700℉*), and relax. While you enjoy time with friends and family, the ITC calculates the amount of pellets needed to reach the desired temperature. A rotating auger then automatically feeds pellets to the fire while Memphis’ dual-fan convection system** stokes the flames and circulates heat and smoke evenly throughout the grill. As your food cooks, the ITC continuously measures the grill’s temperature, adding pellets as needed and maintaining the target temperature for hours.

To make cooking the perfect meal even easier, every Memphis Wood Fire Grill has 3 meat probe inputs (the Pro and Elite include 1 free probe), so you can track multiple foods and program your Memphis Grill to lower the heat when food is done. Better yet, everything can be controlled remotely. With integrated WiFi and a free cloud-based app, you can monitor and adjust your Memphis Grill from home, work, or just about anywhere. Never before has cooking a delicious homemade meal required so little effort.

* Temperature range varies by model: Advantage 180-600℉; Pro 180-650℉; Elite 180-700℉
* * The Advantage and Advantage Plus have a single fan convection system

Engineered for Performance, Designed for the Outdoor Kitchen

World-class innovation proudly made in the United States. Memphis Wood Fire Grills boast superior quality and capability that rivals elite indoor ovens and sets the standard for premium pellet grills. Featuring a sleek design and striking stainless steel finish, Memphis Grills have a professional-grade appearance that brings high-end kitchen quality to outdoor cooking. Heavy-duty double-walled construction and a gasket-sealed hood provide outstanding heat retention, allowing Memphis Grills to get hot and stay hot. Remarkable year-round grills, they perform well no matter the season. Available as stand-alone and built-in units, Memphis Pellet Grills are a fantastic centerpiece to any outdoor kitchen.

memphis elite freestanding and built-in pellet grill

Memphis Elite

  • 1252 sq. in. cooking surface
  • 24 lb. pellet hopper
  • Temperature control: 180°-700°

Starting at: $4,999.95

memphis pro freestanding and built-in pellet grill

Memphis Pro

  • 562/834* sq. in. cooking surface
  • 18 lb. pellet hopper
  • Temperature control: 180°-650°

Starting at: $3,599.95

memphis advantage plus freestanding and built-in pellet grill

Memphis Advantage Plus

  • 427/970* sq. in. cooking surface
  • 12 lb. pellet hopper
  • Temperature control: 180°-600°

Starting at: $2,799.95

memphis advantage freestanding and built-in pellet grill

Memphis Advantage

  • 427/970* sq. in. cooking surface
  • 12 lb. pellet hopper
  • Temperature control: 80°-600°

Starting at: $2,599.95