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Maverick BBQ Thermometers Guide

Maverick®, the BBQr’s Thermometer

Tasty, delicious, legendary—there are degrees of good, but the best BBQ is all about hitting the right temps. Maverick thermometers help you get it right every time. Just a few degrees can mean the difference between a meal that’s knee­buckling good and disappointing food that’s under­ or overcooked. Accurate and reliable, Maverick Thermometers are trusted by competitive BBQers to deliver winning results, so you can count on them for serving perfectly cooked BBQ in your backyard.

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The days of hovering over the the smoker or grill while an analog food thermometer rises to temp are long gone. Using cutting­-edge digital technology, Maverick has developed fast acting, highly responsive thermometers that offer instantaneous readings. Featuring advanced sensors and Bluetooth technology, Maverick offers high­-tech precision thermometers that make it easier than ever to cook perfect BBQ and satisfy a variety of needs. Maverick’s line of instant­- read thermometers give incredibly accurate temperatures in seconds, while their remote units allow you to track food and pit temperatures from the deck, your living room couch, or even on your smartphone.

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Food Temps in an Instant: Maverick Pro­-Temp Commercial Thermometer (PT100)

Every second the lid is open, you’re losing valuable heat. An incredibly accurate commercial-grade instant read thermometer, the Maverick Pro­-Temp 100 measures food temperatures lightning fast. In under 2 seconds, the Maverick Pro­-Temp 100 provides readings from ­40°F to 450°F. You’re in and out, so the heat stays with the meat. Perfect for competition or the backyard, the Maverick PT­100 has a slim design and durable shockproof, water­-resistant body with a high contrast backlit LCD display for easy reading. The PT­100 even features a convenient cooking chart to make sure everything is cooked just right. There’s no need to settle for anything but perfection ever again.

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Accurate and Affordable, the Maverick PT­50 Reads Temps in Seconds

Is your medium­-rare rarely right? The secret to better BBQ is to stop guessing when meat is done. The Maverick PT­50 ensures that food hits the table cooked exactly how you want it. An affordable near­ instant thermometer, the Maverick PT­50 provides an accurate temperature reading in less than 5 seconds. Quickly and easily know what’s ready to be served and what needs more time. Your friends and family will rave when everyone gets what they want, cooked the way they like it. The PT­50’s fold­-out probe measures temperatures from ­40°F to 660°F. A 180° rotating display allows you to switch between right and left handed viewing, and the backlit LCD comes in handy when grilling at night. It all adds up to a cooking job that’s, ahem, well done.

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Monitor Temps from the Couch with the Maverick ET­-733 Remote Thermometer

Family, friends, food, fun—don’t miss out on the best parts of your cookout. With a range of up to 300 feet, the Maverick ET­733 Remote Smoker Thermometer allows you to monitor your cook and enjoy the afternoon. Cooking perfect BBQ is made unbelievably easy with 15 preset temperatures, or you can customize your own to suit your tastes. The ET­733 includes two 3 foot hybrid probes that can be used to monitor either pit or food temperatures and can read from 32°F to 572°F. Worried about losing track of time? Relax, an audible alarm lets you know when the desired temperature has been reached and alerts you if you go out of range. Worry less about your cook and enjoy everything the day has to offer.

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Maverick Bluetooth ET­-735: Monitor Temps from Your Smartphone

What could possibly be better than monitoring your smoker remotely? Doing it from your phone! The Maverick Bluetooth ET­735 connects directly with your iPhone® or Android® device. All the info you need to cook perfect mouth­ watering BBQ is right there on your phone/tablet. With a range of up to 160 feet, the Maverick ET­735 frees you to kick back and relax while you track your cook. The 2 included 3 foot hybrid probes can be used to monitor your pit or food, but with 4 ports the Maverick ET­735 can track up to 4 different temperatures at once. The easy­-to­-use app features large temperature read­-outs, as well as presets, timers, and alarms that alert you when food is done or if your smoker/grill falls out of range. It’s like having an assistant that texts you only when you’re needed.

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