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Louisiana Grills Guide

Rugged, Simple & Smart, Louisiana Grills are the Whole Package

Louisiana Grills has been making high-quality pellet grills that have helped pellet grills and pellet smokers evolve into the do-everything cookers they are today. Known for their rugged, heavy-duty construction, rock solid performance, and highly-desirable standard features, Louisiana Grills pellet grills are an outstanding and easy-to-use package available in a variety of sizes to suit any size family.

A Smart, Easy-to-Use Digital Controller for Less Work and Better Food

Owning a Louisiana Grills pellet grill opens the door to unlimited cooking possibilities. Versatile set-it and forget-it cookers, Louisiana Grills are ideal for backyard chefs and busy on-the-go families alike. There’s no limit to what you can cook—smoke, sear, grill, roast, bake. Enjoy everything from traditional low-and-slow BBQ and slow-roasted pork to wood-fired pizza and peach cobbler. You can even fire-grill steak and burgers over an open flame. Whatever you cook, it comes off the grill with the rich smoky flavor only authentic wood fire can produce.

The best part of a Louisiana Grills pellet grill might just be how easy it is to use. Whether you are cooking a simple chicken or a ten-hour brisket, it only takes the touch of the button. Using the Digital Control Center, you just load your favorite hardwood pellets, program the temperature from 180-600°F (in 5°F increments), and walk away. Your Louisiana Grills pellet grill will handle the rest, automatically cooking for hours while you kick back and relax. You can even program the meat probe to lower the heat when food is done. Serving delicious, perfectly-cooked meals couldn’t be simpler.

Built for Durability, Strength, and Performance

Quality starts with construction, and Louisiana Grills pellet grills are built with durability and performance in mind. Featuring a classic barrel shape reminiscent of traditional offset smokers, Louisiana Grills are constructed from heavy-duty 14 gauge steel. The lid and body of each grill is rolled together, providing a perfect one-to-one match. The combination of rugged material and a gapless fit provide superior heat retention for year-round grilling. For maximum strength and stability, Louisiana Grills have extra thick legs and a solid bottom shelf; durable casters and wheels make moving your grill around the patio or deck and easy. Because they can reach an impressive 600°F, Louisiana Grills pellet grills feature a high-temp powder coat finish and stay-cool stainless steel handle..

Included Accessories Offer the Full Pellet Grill Cooking Experience

When you purchase a Louisiana Grills pellet grill, you get a whole lot more than just an amazing do-it-all grill. You get everything you need to enjoy the full pellet grill experience. Every Louisiana Grills pellet grill comes standard with amenities that make it easy to cook the best food of your life. The included programmable meat probe allows you to set your food’s finishing temperature so your Louisiana Grill will turn down the heat when food is done. With the adjustable Flame Broiler plate you can quickly and easily switch between low-and-slow indirect cooking and open-fire direct cooking. The included removable upper rack allows you to expand your total cooking area, making it easy to feed all your family and friends. In the world of pellet grills, what more could you ask for?

The Country Smoker (CS) vs the LG Series

Because every Louisiana Grills pellet grill comes with the same features, people often ask about the difference between models. It’s actually pretty simple. Louisiana Grills has two series of pellet grills: the Country Smoker (CS) Series and the LG Series. The Country Smoker Series is made in Canada, while the LG series is manufactured overseas. Being North American made, the Country Smoker Series costs a little more. Otherwise, every Country Smoker and LG come with the same features and abilities, including a PID controller, direct grilling option, included secondary rack, and programmable meat probes. The exception is the Country Smoker Tailgater, which does not have a secondary rack. Within each series, the only difference between grills is the size.

Louisiana Grills Wood Pellet Grill Sizes