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Kamado Joe Guide

Kamado Joe.
Everything Included

This is no ordinary Joe! From the breath-taking cherry red finish to the included accessories and incredible cooking capabilities, Kamado Joe ceramic kamado grills command attention. Kamado Joe grills deliver the performance and versatility you’d expect from a kamado grill in an unexpected all-inclusive package that offers everything you need to smoke, grill, and bake.

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Everything You Need in an All-Inclusive Package

Getting the most for your money isn’t an option, it comes standard. Smoke, sear, grill, and bake—Kamado Joe includes the accessories that make it all possible. When you buy a Kamado Joe you get a versatile ceramic grill, plus a whole lot more. To start, Kamado Joes include a sturdy cart with two convenient fold-down work shelves and locking casters for easy moving. They also come with the Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System, which includes two ceramic halved heat deflectors, a must-have for indirect cooking and authentic low-and-slow BBQ. For easy no-mess cleanup, Kamado Joe also includes its patented Slide-Out Ash Drawer, as well as a grate lifter and ash tool.

For those who want to drop their ceramic grill into a table or make it part of an outdoor kitchen, Kamado Joe gives you the option of swapping out the included cart and shelves for a stand-alone grill with stainless steel top vent, handles, ring, and hinge—for the same great price! Compare that to Big Green Egg, which includeds no accessories or upgrades.

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A Shining Red Beacon of Individuality

Reject ordinary! There’s no mistaking the red hot finish and eye-catching curves that promise the best food you’ll ever eat. There’s no mistaking a Kamado Joe. Like a beautiful sports car or a classic guitar, you know a Kamado Joe the moment you lay eyes on it. Break free of boring. The office is your time to play it safe. Your yard is your time to be you, your chance to tell the world you’re different. So say it loud. Say it with a Kamado Joe.

Do More with the Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System

Only Kamado Joe could turn half into more. The Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System is designed to maximize every inch of your grill’s usable space—not just directly over the coals, but above them as well. By splitting the grill grates and cooking plates in half, the Divide and Conquer System makes it easy to mix and match cooking surfaces and set up indirect and elevated cooking zones.

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