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The Good One Smoker Guide

The Good One
A Combo Smoker-Grill for Every Need

Proudly made in America’s heartland, The Good One Smokers are built to work as hard as you do. Rugged and versatile, there’s no job a Good One can’t handle. One moment it’s a championship-caliber smoker, the next it’s a flaming hot grill. It can even be both at once. Built to last, designed for superior performance, The Good One Smokers embody the true spirit of American Made. The smoker of choice for eight-time American Royal Champion Chris Marks, The Good One is a world-class competition cooker for the backyard.

Smoke or Grill, (The Good) One is all you need.

With separate chambers for smoking and open-fire grilling, The Good One allows you to easily switch between direct and indirect cooking—or do both simultaneously. Craving authentic low-and-slow BBQ? Use the smoking chamber to cook mouth-watering brisket. Want a sizzling ribeye? A cooking grate in the firebox gives you the ability to quickly flame-grill steaks. You can even do both at once, grilling burgers over the fire while a rack of ribs slow cook in the smoking chamber. Despite its brawny meat-and-potatoes build, The Good One can cook just about anything thanks to tight temperature control.

Available in a range of sizes—from the compact Patio Jr and the ever-popular Open Range to the spacious Heritage Oven and Marshall—The Good One has a smoker for every need, including built-in models for outdoor kitchens. No matter which model you choose, every Good One Smoker features the same robust construction and innovative design.

Innovative Design Offers Precision and Versatility

Like a classic American muscle car, Good One Smokers are built for power and performance. Behind the rugged construction is a refined temperature control made possible by a unique stacked design. The Good One’s firebox is positioned on the front with a steel cooking grate over the coals for direct grilling. The smoking chamber sits above and behind the firebox, allowing heat and smoke to circulate naturally for better convection. An adjustable damper between the two offers incredible temperature control, allowing you to fine tune how much heat passes from the firebox to the smoking chamber. Metal spinners precisely regulate airflow, so you can dial-in temperatures with an accuracy unheard of in most charcoal grills.

Made in America for Exceptional Durability and Performance

Versatility is good. Refinement is great. But a smoker made in the heartland better be able to handle a slab of meat and scorching heat. With their durable robust construction, The Good One meets the measure of a great American grill. Made in Gallatin, Missouri, The Good One Smokers feature heavy-duty steel construction and a high-heat powder-coat finish. The joints and lids fit together tightly, sealing in heat for all season cooking and better fuel consumption. Its incredible efficiency can be further enhanced by using Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal, which burns hot for hours and produces minimal ash. Heavy-duty pneumatic wheels make moving The Good One surprisingly easy.

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