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Dizzy Pig Seasonings Guide

Dizzy Pig Seasonings Bring a Fresh Flair to Outdoor Cooking

Expand your mind and great taste will follow! Born out of a passion for BBQ, Dizzy Pig was conceived with one mission in mind: help people make better food. Thinking outside the box, Dizzy Pig goes well beyond traditional rubs to develop fresh and flavorful seasonings that bring excitement to outdoor cooking. With blends for everything from fish and fowl to Wagyu beef and wild beasts, Dizzy Pig can put a tantalizing twist on almost anything. There’s a whole world of dizzying flavor out there, enjoy the trip and explore it fully

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Creative Cooking Made Easy

Set your culinary Picasso free. Creative cooking is easy, all it takes is a shake. Seasoning from scratch requires an extensive pantry and a knack for combining flavors. Dizzy Pig makes it simple with perfectly blended seasonings that flavor food in bold and imaginative ways. Always at hand, Dizzy Pig makes gourmet flavor as simple as popping the top. Whether you want an all-purpose rub like Dizzy Dust, a seafood seasoning like Tsunami Spin, or something to make you sweat like Jamaican Firewalk, Dizzy Pig can elevate any dish to art. Available in a mosaic of fresh flavors, Dizzy Pig make it easy to cook your masterpiece.

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A Unique Spin on Grilling Flavors

Make tastebuds dance and heads spin! It’s not that Dizzy Pig doesn’t make sensational seasonings for backyard favorites like steak and poultry. They do, and do it well, having spent years on the competitive BBQ circuit. It’s that Dizzy Pig excels at being different. Their inventive mixes put a creative spin on traditional rubs and far-out flavors, adding gourmet pizazz to grilling. Give shrimp the kick it deserves with Bayouish blackening seasoning. Add a rich layer of coffee-infused flavor to beef with Red Eye Express. Break from the norm and grill fruit with Pineapple Head or add an exotic flair to chicken with Curryish. Because it’s Dizzy Pig, there are no limits—Dizzy Pig seasonings can be sprinkled on ice cream and popcorn or used to spice up dips and Bloody Mary’s. Leave ordinary to others. Be bold. Put a twist on your food with Dizzy Pig.

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Fresh Hand-Blended Flavor

Out-of-this-world flavor starts with superior ingredients. Dizzy Pig takes pride in crafting small batch seasonings and rubs that use only the freshest, high-quality ingredients. Whole spices are ground just before packaging to capture the essential oils, aroma and flavor. They’re then hand-blended into the perfect proportions for full flavor enjoyment. All-natural, Dizzy Pig seasonings and rubs contain no msg or gluten, and are even available in salt-free varieties. The end result is great tasting food with fresh-to-you flavor.

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Dizzy Pig Seasonings