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Butcher BBQ Guide

Butcher BBQ
World-Class Taste from a Lifetime of Experience

When it comes to meat, your butcher knows best. More than just a name, Butcher BBQ reflects the 30+ years of experience, skill, and knowledge that goes into World BBQ Champion David Bouska’s award-winning injections, rubs, and sauces. With a track record of delivering world-class flavor and winning results, Butcher BBQ has become a go-to choice for some of BBQ’s biggest names.

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30 Years of Experience in Every Injection, Rub, and Sauce

When David Bouska talks meat, people listen. That’s because before starting Butcher BBQ he worked for over twenty years in the meat industry. After decades of running meat counters, selling meat wholesale, and operating a custom meat processing plant, David knows beef, pork, and poultry. With a level of knowledge few others can claim, he turned his expertise into Butcher BBQ injections, rubs, and sauces. Created to showcase David’s deep understanding of the science behind flavoring meat and keeping it moist, Butcher BBQ consistently delivers the type of championship results that have made him a real-deal BBQ Pitmaster.

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Injections that Provide Consistent Taste, Texture, and Tenderness

Greatness is the product of consistency. Whether you’re plating brisket for KCBS judges or serving pulled pork to friends, great BBQ is moist, tender, and full of unforgettable flavor. Butcher BBQ Injections penetrate deep into meat, enhancing its natural flavor while also helping to retain moisture. Those delicious juices stay in the meat until it’s time to eat. Scientifically formulated to provide consistently great taste, texture, and tenderness, Butcher BBQ injections eliminate the guesswork, so you get championship flavor every time.

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Championship Flavor from BBQ Pitmaster David Bouska

Pit proven, championship approved. As if being an expert on all things meat weren’t enough, David Bouska is also a world-class BBQ champion. Proven in competitive pits across the country, Butcher BBQ has helped David win numerous Grand Championships, including the 2012 World Barbecue Championship. His standing as one of the top names in BBQ led to David being featured on season 5 of “BBQ Pitmasters” and “BBQ Pitmasters All Stars.” Those accolades, as well as Butcher BBQ’s knack for taking home hardware, have turned competitors into converts. Known as “choice of champions,” Butcher BBQ has become the flavor enhancer of choice for some of BBQ’s biggest stars.

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