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Here is what's going on in the world of grilling and competition barbecue. FireCraft is dedicated to supporting the grilling lifestyle and helping you enjoy it. Need some help with recipes or techniques? This page is a a great place to start. Want to know when and where the latest barbecue festival near you will be? We can help with that too. There are millions of people across North America grilling, smoking, and tailgating every weekend - let's all stay on top of the latest and greatest grilling news together.
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Competition Corner
Competition Corner
All the latest information on upcoming barbecue festivals and competitions. Schedules, results, news, and more!
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Shop Firecraft
FireCraft offers a HUGE selection of highest-quality grilling gear. From grills, to dry-rubs, to grill covers we have it.

BBQ Served on Last Space Shuttle Mission
July 8, 2011
Food scientists at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston have prepared a special "All-American Meal" for the final space shuttle crew as the iconic American spacecraft makes its last voyage... Read More
How to Make Your Own Lump Charcoal Charcoal
July 18, 2011
It's not actually that difficult to make your own hardwood lump charcoal. This article walks you through the process... Read More
Beer: How to Match it with Barbecue
June 28, 2011
Greg Kitsock of the Washington Post explores the best way to match different beers with your favorite BBQ... Read More
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