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Traeger<sup>®</sup> Junior Pellet Grill
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Traeger® Junior Pellet Grill BBQ055

Part No. 52701 6001
Manufacturer Part No. BBQ055
FireCraft Price $399.95
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The Traeger Junior Pellet Grill is the smallest Traeger pellet grill but it is just as capable as the larger Traeger grills. The Junior is perfectly sized for smaller households, tailgates, or second homes. The grill grate measures a very useble 19.5" x 15" or 292 square inches. Just like its big brothers, the Junior features the Traeger Auto-Start system, which automatically lights the pellets with a simple switch, and the E-Z drain grease system that drains food grease and drippings into a galvanized catch bucket. Just empty the bucket every few cooks. The Junior comes standard with a three-position electric thermostat control (low, medium, and high). Low for barbecuing/smoking, medium for roasting, and high for grilling. We carry a variety of accessories for your Traeger Junior including a Treager Grill Cover and Tailgate Bracket so you can take your Junior to the game.

Pellet grills are a great compromise between a smoker and a gas grill. Pellet grills give food that smoky flavor but are as easy-to-use as a gas grill. These cookers feed small food-grade wood-pellets into a small burner via a turning auger. The heat cooks the food while the smoke from the pellets gives the food a fantastic BBQ flavor. Just load the hopper with pellets, turn on the grill, and walk away! Different types of pellets give the food different flavors. We carry a full-line of wood pellets for your pellet grill.

Want to learn more about choosing a smoker or pellet grill? Check out our Choosing a Smoker page for more information.


Grill Grate Size: 19.5" x 15" or 292 Square Inches
Overall Dimensions: 36" Wide x 38" Tall x 16" Deep
BTUs: 19,500
Warranty: 3 years

  • > What's Included
  • 1 Pellet grill with hopper, grill grate, and casters
    1 x 3-position thermostat
    1 Galvanized drip bucket
    Assembly instructions
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Customer Reviews
Perfect size
Jul 28, 2010 | By Andy

I'm a die-hard Traeger fan and this grill is the perfect size to keep at our place at the beach. All the classic Traeger stuff is still there, like the EZ Start button, and the bucket to catch the grease. I've got a bigger Traeger at home, but this is all I need for the beach.