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Steven Raichlen Ultimate Square Chimney Starter
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Steven Raichlen Ultimate Square Chimney Starter

Part No. 30416 0004
Manufacturer Part No. SR8041
FireCraft Price $29.95
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This is the largest, heaviest, most durable charcoal chimney starter on the market. The square corners make it easier to pour charcoal where you want it. It will hold up to 8 POUNDS of charcoal briquetes. The large black wooden handle makes handling the chimney easy and the large vent hole at the bottom makes lighting the charcoal a breeze. Why use a chimney to start your charcoal? Check out our Lighting Charcoal page to learn why.

World famous BBQ master Steven Raichlen is the author of the best selling Barbecue Bible and How to Grill books. He also hosts BBQ University and Primal Grill on PBS. The Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Signature Series of barbecue accessories are some of the most innovative, well-designed, and long-lasting accessories available. He uses beefier rivets, thicker-gauge metals, and more durable plastics than most manufacturers.

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