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Maverick<sup>®</sup> Remote BBQ Rotisserie Thermometer
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Maverick® Remote BBQ Rotisserie Thermometer

Part No. 30623 0007
Manufacturer Part No. ET-75
FireCraft Price $49.95
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If you have a rotisserie than this thermometer is a must have! Specially designed for rotisseries, this unit attaches to your rotisserie spit and will spin with the food. This way you are able to keep a food probe in the food at all times and because the receiver is wireless, you can monitor your food temperature from up to 100ft away. The LCD transceiver will beep and flash when your food reaches your programmed temperature or when your smoker gets too hot or too cold based on your programmed settings. Now you can check the temperature of your food without ever turning off the rotisseries or even opening the lid on your grill. The receiver also has a built-in count-up or count-down timer. Will fit spits from .475" - .615" in diameter. Batteries included.
  • > What's Included
  • 1 Remote transmitter
    1 Electronic thermometer
    4 Batteries
    1 Food probes
    1 Small spit screw & collar
    1 Mounting clamp
    Product Manual
> PDF Assembly Instructions
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