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Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Superhog
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Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Superhog

Part No. 54806 6001
Manufacturer Part No. 51900
FireCraft Price $4,499.95
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The Louisiana Grills Superhog Smoker is one serious pellet grill and is the biggest smoker Louisiana Grill makes! This North American-made model from Louisiana Grills is crafted from heavy-duty 14 gauge steel. Perfectly sized for a medium-large whole hog, the Superhog Smoker comes standard with extra-thick legs, heavy-duty wheels, and a lower storage shelf that is not only useful but also adds strength and stability. This massive cooker comes with 2 of nearly everything, including 2 digital temperature control boards allowing you to precisely set the temperature inside the cooker. 2 Prime Buttons makes getting things started super easy. It's easy to keep track of the cooker temperature with the 2 dome-mounted analog thermometers. The cooking grids are constructed of durable and low maintenance porcelain-coated steel. 2 unique short auger assemblies are an "open" design which leads to fewer pellet jams.

Want to grill steaks or burgers? The included Direct Flame Inserts allow you to grill directly over the flames. The sliding plate configuration makes transitions from hot-and-fast searing to low-and-slow BBQ a breeze. Every Superhog also comes with 2 fans to cool the 2 pellet hoppers and create convection currents in the cooking chamber so food comes out cooked evenly and juicy every time - no need for a rotisserie! All the grease from your food is directed into a 2 catch cans for a simple, no-mess clean up. Available optional accessories include a cover and front/side shelf. Uses 110V AC power.

Pellet grills are a great compromise between a smoker and a gas grill. Pellet grills give food that smoky flavor but are as easy-to-use as a gas grill. These cookers feed small food-grade wood-pellets into a small burner via a turning auger. The heat cooks the food while the smoke from the pellets gives the food a fantastic BBQ flavor. Just load the hopper with pellets, turn on the grill, and walk away! Different types of pellets give the food different flavors. We carry a full-line of wood pellets for your pellet grill.

Want to learn more about choosing a smoker or pellet grill? Check out our Choosing a Smoker page for more information.


Grill Grate Size: 53.75in X 29.5in or 1585sq in
Overall Dimensions: 85in W x 56in T x 34in D
Warranty: 5 years on steel and workmanship and 3 years on electrical parts.

  • > What's Included
  • 1 Pellet grill with 2 hoppers, grill grate, and heavy duty wheels
    2 Digital temperature control centers
    2 Lid-mounted analog thermometer
    2 Flame Broilers
    Lower storage shelf
    2 Galvanized drip buckets
    Owner's manual & assembly instructions
> PDF Assembly Instructions
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