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Horizon 20in Ranger Smoker
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Horizon 20in Ranger Smoker

Part No. 57103 3101
Manufacturer Part No. 204452RS
FireCraft Price $1,924.95
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While the Horizon Classic and Marshal models are fantastic competition grade smokers, only the Ranger models give you the flexibility of having a vertical smoking chamber. The additional chamber easily maintains temperatures from 160°F to 200°F, has a swinging door with door-mounted thermometer, and three cooking racks. All Horizon smokers are constructed with 1/4in steel and hi-temperature black finish. Not only will this smoker retain some serious heat, but it will last for years. The double damper system makes it easy to regulate temperature from a low 160°F for slow smoking to 250°F for barbecuing, all the way up to 325°F for grilling. The Horizon 20in Ranger Smoker includes a variety of standard features such as a front shelf, lid-mounted professional-grade thermometer, door-mounted professional-grade thermometer, stay-cool handles, a firebox cooking grate for direct grilling steaks or burgers, and a heavy-duty storage shelf below the cooking chamber.

There are several options available for the Horizon 20in Ranger. The first is a charcoal grate that sits below the cooking grid in the main cooking chamber. The removable grate allow you turn you Horizon into one big charcoal grill for direct grilling. The second options is charcoal basket for the firebox which helps to maintain the size and heat of your fire. Another fantastic option is the convection plate; in fact we offer two different convection plates. One is welded into your smoker at the factory and the other can be retro-fitted. Each plate is 3/16in thick and is designed to provide unparalleled heat distribution. The photo shows how the holes in the plate grow large the further away from the firebox they are, thus more evenly distributing the heat and smoke. You can also order your Horizon with a lid-mounted counter weight, and a firebox-mounted warming tray. Horizon builders are smokers to order, so if you want something custom for you smoker just call us at 1-800-745-6109 for details.

Need help choosing a smoker? Check out our Choosing a Smoker page for more information.


Cooking grid(s): 38in W x 19in D or 722sq in
Vertical chamber cooking grid(s) : (3)19in round grates or 850.5sq in
Firebox cooking grid(s): 17in W x 19in D or 323sq in
Overall dimensions: 84in W x 34in D x 60in H

  • > What's Included
  • 1 Smoker and side-mounted fire box and vertical smoking chamber
    2 Main cooking grates
    3 Vertical chamber cooking grates
    1 Firebox cooking grate
    1 Firebox charcoal grate
    1 Lid thermometer
    1 Door-mounted thermometer
    1 Ash tool
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