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Big Head Grill Tool Set
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Big Head Grill Tool Set

Part No. 30413 0018
Manufacturer Part No. Big Head Grill Tool Set
Retail Price $38.85
FireCraft Price $34.95
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Every grill master needs a high-quality and affordable grill tool set to create his or her grilled masterpieces and here it is! Each tool in the set has a handsome and durable rosewood handle that gives the tool fantastic balance. Standard stainless steel heads and rivets will take any punishment you throw at them and keep on grilling! We call this set the Big Head because the heads on each tool are oversized in order to handle large or small food on the grill. The 11.75in spatula features a serrated side so you can cut into meats to test doneness. The 16in long tongs are spring loaded and will lock closed for storage. The 20.25in brush will keep your hands far from the fire during cleaning and you can replace the head once the bristles wear out.

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