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Traeger Pellet Grills®

Traeger, the Original Wood Pellet Grill

The pellet grill pioneers, Traeger has been making quality pellet smokers for over 30 years. Versatile do-it-all backyard cookers, Traeger Grills are fueled by hardwood pellets that come in a variety of flavors—from apple and hickory to pecan, cherry, mesquite, and many more. Whether you're smoking down-home BBQ brisket, roasting a chicken, grilling steak, or baking dessert, it comes off your Traeger with the unmistakable taste only authentic wood fire can produce.

Traeger Makes BBQ EZ

Cooking on a Traeger is like cooking with cruise control. Thanks to Traeger’s digital controller, smoking like a pitmaster couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is load your favorite pellets and set the temperature. Your Traeger Grill will automatically feed pellets to the fire and maintain its own temperature for hours. That frees you to spend more time relaxing and letting the good times roll.

A Traeger for Everyone: Pellet Grills at Every Price

With quality pellet grills and smokers that start under $500 and performance pellet grills that cost under $1000, Traeger delivers incredible versatility and reliability at a reasonable price. Available in a variety of sizes, Traeger offers something for everyone—from models like the Junior Elite, Pro Series 22, and Lil’ Tex Elite that are perfect for singles and small families to the Pro Series 34 and Timberline that are big enough to feed a crowd. Traeger even makes trailer-mounted pellet grills ideal for BBQ competitions and commercial use.