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Smokers and Pits

Low and slow, that is how a pit-master smokes great barbecue. FireCraft has the smokers, pellet grills, ceramic eggs, and slow cookers you need to become a true master of your pit. Do not worry if you are new to this style of cooking, our grilling experts can help you pick out an easy-to-use smoker and give you some tips to get started. Each type of smoker has its advantages, so do not hesitate to call for help with your decision or check out our Tips & Techniques page for some qualified advice.

Pellet Grills
Pellet Grills
Ceramic Grills
Ceramic Grills
Traditional Smokers
Traditional Smokers

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Cookshack Smokette Elite
Cookshack AmeriQue
Smoke E Z - 22.5in
Fast Eddy's PG500 Pellet Grill
The Good One Open Range
Cookshack Super Smoker Elite
The Good One Patio Jr
Weber 22.5in Smokey Mountain Cooker
FireCraft Gift Certificate
Kamado Joe ClassicJoe with Cart - Red
Smoke E Z - 26.75in
The Good One Marshall Smoker
Fast Eddy's PG1000 Pellet Grill
Cookshack Smokette
Louisiana Grills LG 1100
The Stump's Baby
Weber 18.5in Smokey Mountain Cooker
Kamado Joe BigJoe with Cart - Red
Primo Oval 400 Ceramic Grill
Horizon 16in Classic Smoker
Horizon 20in RD Special Marshal Smoker
Kamado Joe ClassicJoe with Cart - Black
Louisiana Grills LG 700
The Stump's XL Baby
Memphis Pro Stand Alone 304 Pellet Grill
Primo Kamado All In One
The Good One Heritage Oven Stand Alone
Louisiana Grills Country Smoker 570
Louisiana Grills Country Smoker 680
Horizon 20in Ranger Smoker
Memphis Pro Stand Alone 430 Pellet Grill
Kamado Joe BigJoe Stand Alone - Red
The Good One Open Range Built-In
Primo Oval 300 Ceramic Grill
Primo Oval 200 Ceramic Grill
Kamado Joe BigJoe with Cart - Black
Horizon 16in Ranger Smoker
Memphis Select Pellet Grill
The Good One Rodeo Smoker
Memphis Advantage Pellet Grill
Horizon 20in Marshal Smoker
Kamado Joe ClassicJoe Stand Alone - Red
Weber 14.5in Smokey Mountain Cooker
Horizon 20in Classic Smoker
Memphis Pro Pellet Grill Built-In 304 Stainless Steel
Kamado Joe ClassicJoe Stand Alone - Black
Memphis Elite Pellet Grill
Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Tailgater 300
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