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Maverick Thermometers

Maverick Thermometers makes a variety of digital thermometers, wireless thermometers, and digital fork thermometers specifically designed for the grill. Take the guess work out of knowing when your food is ready! Check out the redi-check, voice alert, and remote Maverick models.

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Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth Thermometer - Black
Maverick<sup>®</sup> BBQ Safety Igniter
Maverick Remote Smoker Thermometer ET-733 - Black
Maverick Remote Smoker Thermometer ET-732 - Black
Maverick 3ft Hybrid Probe for ET-735
Maverick 6ft Pit Probe for ET-732/733/735/905
Maverick Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer
Maverick 6ft Food Probe for ET-732/733/735/905
Maverick<sup>®</sup> Cordless Stainless Steel Grill Light
Maverick Remote Smoker Thermometer ET-732
Maverick 3ft Pit Probe for ET-71/73/77/901
Maverick 4 Line Digital Timer and Clock
Maverick 6ft Hybrid Probe for ET-732/733
Maverick 3ft Food Probe for ET-71/73/77/901
Maverick Accessory Organizer
Maverick<sup>®</sup> 2-Probe Remote Cooking Thermometer
Maverick 6ft Waterproof Hybrid Probe for ET-732/733/735
Maverick<sup>®</sup> BBQ Oven Thermometer
Maverick Propane Torch
Maverick 6ft Food Probe for ET-7/71/72/73/901/902/903
Maverick<sup>®</sup> Cordless Grill Light
Maverick<sup>®</sup> Remote BBQ Rotisserie Thermometer
Maverick<sup>®</sup> Redi-Fork Pro Digital Grilling Fork
Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth Thermometer - White
Maverick<sup>®</sup> Bar-B Digital Grilling Fork
Maverick<sup>®</sup> Cordless Lid-Mounted Grill Light
Maverick Grill Minder
Maverick<sup>®</sup> 1-Probe Remote Cooking Thermometer
Maverick Chef Tunes - Black
Maverick Chef Tunes - White
Beer Can Chicken Combo Pack
Beer Can Chicken Combo Pack with ET-732 - Black
Beer Can Chicken Combo Pack with ET-732 - White