The Flame Boss 300 Adds Capability with More Food Probes

By Bob McCarthy

With the release of the Flame Boss 300-WiFi, once again Flame Boss has shown itself to be a forward-thinking company committed to improving their product and satisfying customer needs.

Flame Boss Continues to Evolve

Since hitting the market a few years ago, Flame Boss has striven to continually improve their line of automatic temperature controllers, making them as precise and user-friendly as possible. The result has been marked growth, both in sales and brand awareness, and the ability to compete with BBQ Guru, the category’s biggest name. With the industry’s only variable-speed blower and an intuitive easy-to-use WiFi interface, Flame Boss probably didn’t need to update the Flame Boss 200. However, yet another update underscores the company’s commitment to meeting customer needs and pushing their controllers forward.

Less than six months after making the Flame Boss 200-WiFi compatible with Amazon’s voice-controlled Alexa app, Flame Boss has announced a new update to their most popular controller. As of March 20, the Flame Boss 200-WiFi is being replaced by the Flame Boss 300-WiFi. The new controller will have all the same capability, but gives you the ability to add extra meat probes. (The Flame Boss 100, their non-WiFi controller, has not changed.)

Now You Can Monitor More Food on the Flame Boss

The Flame Boss 200 quickly became a popular alternative to the BBQ Guru CyberQ thanks in large part to its multi-speed fan and simple WiFi connectivity. The CyberQ features a single-speed fan, and while it has WiFi capability, setting it up can be a chore for even experienced computer users. However, the one area where the CyberQ had an advantage was that it could accommodate 3 food probes where the Flame Boss 200 could only accept 1. For those users who like to cook multiple meats at once, this was sometimes a deciding factor in which controller to purchase.

In response to the desire for a controller capable of using more food probes, Flame Boss updated the Flame Boss 200, creating the Flame Boss 300. Almost everything about the two units is the same—from the variable speed fan and WiFi connectivity to the price and its availability in either Kamado or Universal configurations. However, the new Flame Boss 300 can be upgraded to accommodate as many as 3 food probes.

How to Add More Food Probes to the Flame Boss 300

Although the Flame Boss 300 can use up to 3 food probes, it doesn’t come that way out-of-the-box. When you buy a Flame Boss 300-WiFi kit, it includes the controller, blower, adaptor (kamado or universal), power cord, and 2 probes (1 meat and 1 pit). The controller has just two inputs for probes, one for the pit probe and one for the food probe. To add a second food probe, you must use the optional Flame Boss Y-Cable. A splitter, it plugs into the food probe input and gives you the ability to use 2 probes. To add a third food probe, you simply plug another Y-Cable into the pit probe input. The Flame Boss 300 can now use use 3 food probes and 1 pit probe.

There will undoubtedly be some who dislike the idea of buying the Y-Cables separately. However, it does allow the Flame Boss 300 to be a more flexible product. Because the increased probe capacity is an upgrade and not a standard feature, users aren’t forced to pay for extra functionality they may not need. Many people, especially Big Green Egg owners (who represent a large portion of Flame Boss customers), only cook one cut of meat at a time, making extra probes unnecessary. At $9.95 apiece, the Y-Cables are a fairly affordable add-on, so you can start with the base model then add 1 or 2 probes if and when you want the extra capability.

One question raised by the release of Flame Boss 300 is whether you can use the Y-Cables to add probes to a Flame Boss 200. Unfortunately, the answer is no. The Flame Boss 200 controller lacks the necessary hardware to recognize the extra probes and differentiate between the pit and food probes.

New High-Temp Probes, New Mobile App

Along with the release of the Flame Boss 300, Flame Boss has a couple of noteworthy items on the horizon. They will be offering new high-temp pit and food probes with stainless steel shielding on the cables that are rated up to 575°F. Flame Boss is also preparing to release a free mobile app for use with its WiFi models (both the 200 and 300), allowing users to choose between using the app to control and track their cooks or the current webpage.